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Welcome to Carbon Marine

Carbon Marine creates inshore fishing boat accessories out of carbon fiber and epoxy.  Carbon Marine has bridged the technology gap between aerospace and the inshore fishing by bringing carbon fiber and advanced epoxies from aerospace to create unique inshore fishing boat accessories that are the lightest in the world. 

Carbon Marine has also created a service we call "Push-pole Market".  We now buy, sell, trade, repair, modify, or restore any push-pole brand or model.  If you have unwanted broken push-pole pieces, just give us a call for an offer to buy your broken push-pole pieces.  In turn we rebuild these used push-poles into refurbished push-poles for sale to anyone seeking a lower priced push-pole.  Lastly, if you have a broken push-pole Carbon Marine can repair your push-pole at your home or office.

Float Shallower,
Joe Welbourn
(813) 928-9887


Dealers selling the Carbon Marine push-poles:

Jacksonville area: Capt Tony Bozzella

East Central Florida area: Castaway Customs

Miami/Homestead: Don's Bait and Tackle

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