Carbon Marine Push-poles

Carbon Marine now offers a new alternative to inshore anglers in Florida for buying carbon fiber push-poles in lengths up to 26'.  When you buy a push-pole from Carbon Marine we will delivery it to you free of charge anywhere in the State of Florida.  We specialize in longer push-poles used for beach and deep flats angling.  We have two models of push-poles available in lengths from 10' to 26'. 

Carbon Marine Mangrove (Basic): this push-pole is a carbon fiber, sectional push-pole assembled with 12" ferrules using an assembly process we designed to guarantee extremely strong and sealed joints.  This unit is available in lengths from 10' to 19'6".  The Carbon Marine Mangrove is perfect for recreational anglers or anglers with small skiffs that want a quality push-pole, but who do not spend long hours on the flats poling.  This pole has a shark-skin like texture with a unique orientation that insures you have maximum grip as you thrust using the tip or the foot.  The Carbon Marine Mangrove weighs 4lbs, 11 oz at 19'6" in length (or 3.84 ounces per foot). Prices start at $349 for a 19'6" foot Carbon Marine Mangrove with free delivery to anywhere in the State of Florida.  Price your Carbon Marine Mangrove (Basic) length.

Carbon Marine Loop (Premium):  the Carbon Marine Loop was designed for the advanced angler that spends long-hours poling on the flats.  We designed it to compete with the Stiffy Graphite and the heavier Stiffy Hybrid.  It is extremely light and stiff.   This push-pole is light at 21 foot is weighs only 4 lbs, 2 oz (or 3.2 ounces per foot).  The 23'6" length weighs less than 5 lbs! (4 lbs, 15 oz)   That is lighter than a Stiffy Graphite or Hybrid of the same length. This push-pole has the best of both worlds: ribbed texture for additional gripping surface area, but not overly abrasive at the surface.  This push-pole will not wear holes in your clothes.  It also has the shark-skin like surface that is oriented for maximum grip whether you prefer to plant the tip or the foot in the water.  Our unique "grip orientation" is a first in the push-pole industry. 

    The Carbon Marine Loop is a sectional push-pole that can by built to any length from 21 to 26 feet.  The 12" ferrules and 60" tubes are machined to extremely tight tolerances further assuring a strong, sealed push-pole.  Once assembled using the Carbon Marine assembly process, this push-pole is stiff, strong, and sealed.  The Carbon Marine Loop is significantly stiffer that the Carbon Marine Mangrove.  By using high-quality, machined-to-tolerance, sectional components made from aerospace carbon fiber and high-temperature epoxies, the angler does not have to bear the shipping and handling cost or damage-risks associated with moving a one-piece push-pole from out of state. We designed a new process for assembling the section we call "press and lock" that creates a permanent, sealed, and durable joint that we guarantee not to ever leak for life of the push-pole.  Prices start at $659 for a 21 foot Carbon Marine Loop up to 26' for $859 with free delivery to anywhere in the State of Florida.  Price your Carbon Marine Loop (Premium) length.


How the delivery process works: 

  1. Pick the push-pole of your choice: model, length, and foot type. 

  2. Order it at the length your desire by calling us (813.928.9887) or using

  3. Between 1 to 14 days from the date of order. Your Carbon Marine push-pole will be delivered to the address provided (within the State of Florida).  We use this window of time to aggregate orders for a more cost-efficiency delivery service. Expedited delivery available for an additional fee.

  4. The day before your delivery, we will call you with an estimated time your push-pole will be delivered to your door.